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Tut Tut

Full title Tut Tut
Year of release 2020
Publisher George Beckett
Producer / Author(s) George Beckett
Memory 16k
Type Game
Cost : DP
Download Tut-Tut [CRC32 EA26B767]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1


Tut-tut for the Jupiter Ace

Tut-tut is an Egyptian-themed retro-arcade game, written by David Stephenson, for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and subsequently Sinclair ZX81 microcomputers.

As an intrepid archaeologist, you have to work your way through successively more challenging levels, working out a path to the exit, finding keys to let you slide moveable walls, collecting treasure, and avoiding the mummies that guard the tombs.

This version is a further port of Tut-tut to the Jupiter Ace microcomputer. A less well-known contemporary of the Sinclair machines, the Ace stood out for its choice of built-in language; using Forth instead of the otherwise ubiquitous BASIC.

The Ace designers' expectation was that Forth would allow programmers to develop effective and performant applications within the constrained resources of a microcomputer, in a way that was not possible for sluggish and bloated BASIC programs.

Hopefully, Tut-tut for the Jupiter Ace--which is written almost entirely in Forth--demonstrates they were right even if the choice of Forth looks to have condemned the Ace to weak sales and its producers (Jupiter Cantab) to a relatively short existence.

If you wish to just play the game, you can download a pre-compiled tape archive 'tut-tut.tap', which should work on a range of emulators, including the EightyOne emulator.

Once you have started the emulator, (if necessary) switch to Jupiter Ace emulation mode, make sure the 16kb RAM pack is enabled, open the tape archive 'tut-tut.tap', and type the following commands:



Ace Forth is not usually case-sensitive, though the file-name 'TUTTUT' in the load command is.

However, I have also published the source code in the hope that some people will be inspired to type it in themselves (as was common practice in the early 1980s) and then adapt/ improve on the basic game.


You can buy a physical copy of Tut-Tut from Cronosoft.

Screen shots




Inlay (Cronosoft)

Cassette Body (Cronosoft)