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EME Soundbox AC4
The archive team wish to thank the Jupiter Ace collector who send us these few images of the EME soundbox. If you have any other images of this Ace interface, both sides of the pcb, then please take the time to send the images so we can add them to this page.
The sound box was made by Essex Micro Electronics back in 1983. Boldfield Computing sold the sound box as stock item AC4 at a cost of £34.00+VAT. It plugs directly into the expansion port of the Jupiter Ace using a flexible cable to avoid connector wobble problems. A through port bus at the rear of the unit allows extra RAM packs to be fitted. On the top of the unit, a volume control, soundchip reset button also a jack socket for an alternative external speaker if required. The unit has a loudspeaker giving ample sound output, located at to the front left side of the unit are the two I/O ports that are controlled with the sound chip. The sound chip in the unit is the AY-3-8910,  very popular chip at the time and is the one use in our own AMI project.
Software that's compatible with the sound box;

Port information.

Port xxFDh - PSG Index (W)
Port xxFFh - PSG Data (R/W)

We cannot yet bring you the details of the pcb layout or information from the instruction manual if you can help with this then please make contact. The Radio & Electronics World magazine, January 1984 issue carried a review of the sound box.