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Street life
The making of a micro - page added
27th Sept 2005

The FORTH Bridge
searchable pdf added
Translating BASIC to FORTH
26th Sept 2005

RAM Pack Instructions
searchable pdf added
also changed the manuals page to add all pdf manuals
23rd Sept 2005

Ace Review
page added - from Popular Computing Weekly, 1982
21st Sept 2005

page added - listing of a Machine code loader
16th Sept 2005

Jupiter Ace16+
page added, - yes! The Jupiter Ace16+
15th Sept 2005

YC Advert
Your Computer Jan 1983 page 1 added
Your Computer Jan 1983 page 2 added,
of a two page advert.
14th Sept 2005
Atic Raid
Atic Raid software page updated,
tape inlay and cassette scans added
14th Sept 2005

Black Island Adventure software
updated - inlays, and cassette scans added
13th Sept 2005

Fish and Flutterer
page added - Software Review,
cassette scan, inlay scan, and instructions.
No Wavs though! Can you help find them?
12th Sept 2005

Spanish Advert
10th Sept 2005

Greedy Gobbler
Software Review added
8th Sept 2005

Ace Breakout
listing added - PCW 17-23 March, 1983.
6th Sept 2005

list page added - Can you help?
5th Sept 2005

Ace Users Mag
Page added - Ace User the magazine from the users club
1st Sept 2005