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EB Video Board
Hardware page added - Edwin comes up with a neat
solution for those of us wanting to hookup an Ace to a monitor.

For all the other Ace hardware articles see
[ Documents Tab > Ace hardware ]

31 Mar 06

Forth User 2+3
Forth User 2+3 pdf added

For all the Forth and Ace Users see [ Documents Tab > Ace Users ]
30 Mar 06

Hardware page added - (Replacement for the 2532 EPROMs [Ace ROMS])

For all the Hardware Articles see [ Documents Tab > Ace Hardware ]
22 Mar 06

Pace RAM pack
RAM pack page updated - with Pace 16K RAM pack
also Pace16K daughter board, and
images of Pace 32K RAM pack (Pace16k + 16k daughter board)

For the full RAM pack images see [ images Tab > RAM packs ]
18 Mar 06

Teach Yourself FORTH
software added - Teach Yourself FORTH on the Jupiter Ace Tape.

For the full software index see [ Software Tab > index & download ]
17 Mar 06

Java Emulator
page updated - You can now choose from the drop down menu
and load an Ace program. Yon can also load up a standard 3K Ace,
or Ace+16K rampack, and Ace+48k rampack.

Make sure you have Java installed see Java.com

For the Java Emulator page see [ Emulators Tab > Java Emulator ]
12 Mar 06

RAM packs
page started - Home built RAM packs and Jupiter Cantabs.
Did you build one? send us the details and will will add it to the page.

For the RAM packs page see [ Images Tab > RAM packs ]
10 Mar 06

page added - The Motherboard allows the simultaneous use of
several different periherals on the Jupiter ACE.

For the Motherboard page see [ Images Tab > Motherboard ]
9 Mar 06

Printer Card
page started - this card adds RS232 and Centronics ports to the Ace.
The manual is currently being turned into a PDF and will be online very soon

For the Printer card page see [ Images Tab > printer card ]
8 Mar 06

Ace User Intro
Ace User 1
Forth User V2n1
added to the Ace Users page - all as PDFs

For the Ace Users page see [ Document Tab > Ace Users ]
7 Mar 06

Duckshoot, Minefield
& Zapem
Software pages added

For the full software index see [ Software Tab > index & download ]
4 Mar 06

information page added

[ Images Tab > Trumpcard ]

Also added a link in the Ace Hardware articles index
[ Documents Tab > Ace Hardware ]

Made links ready for the Printercard and Motherboard in the nav system - info to be added very soon!
3rd Mar 06