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Titan Defender

Full title Titan Defender
Year of release 1985
Publisher S. Leask
Producer / Author(s) S. Leask
Memory 19k
Type Game
Cost : £3.00
Download Titan Defender [CRC32 6891E286]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1


©1985 Stusoft

The year is 2085. On the bleak moon of Saturn. Titan, there is a small mining station run by the Out world Resource Control. Combine. Fill is quiet among the 3,764 inhabitants. You are the chief engineer, in charge of the vast microwave arrays, which when Locked on to one of the many solar panel complexes in geostationary orbit above the moon. provide power for the community. To ensure that power is available for the entire 27-hour day, there are several, panel complexes dotted about the sky.

The rebellion on Beta Theca VI has Left the stock market uneasy about the security of the Out- world settlements. Rumours run rife about the The carians having developed a new terror weapon, the "Sub-etheric Quantum Wave", said to drain energy from both machines and men; both deadly and impervious to interception, except ( so it is rumoured ) by disturbing the Local space in which it is travelling. The only means of creating that sort of a disturbance would be a military Laser canon; hardly the sort of thing one uses in a peaceful, mining settlement.

It is a worrying time With all Outworlders particularly fearful, of the threatened The carian revenge for the sigmagtobin export embargo that deprived them of any protection from the chtorophage infesting many of their colonies; when the rebel, Leaders broadcast their demands, it was clear that no quarter would be offered. Down in the mess, the Laughter was strained. You however, were calculating the possibility of reversing the microwave array, to use it as a giant maser. White not nearly as powerful, as a military Laser, a direct hit could work, and a glancing blow would undoubtedly disturb local, space.

You are jolted back to reality by the blaring of the ctaxon. Rushing to your control capsule you switch on the scanner to see the horribly familiar shapes of fuel pods of the type used to to refuel. The carian combat scout craft. Low on the horizon hang many glittering Mystons, plasma balls that are the The carian military standard.

( calculations show that each microwave array once reversed will only cast for 5 mins )


1. Cursor Keys = directional. control.
2. D = drain power from so tar array in sights
3. F = fire at target in sights

Screen shots

screen shot screen shot
screen shot screen shot
screen shot screen shot
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screen shot

Tape Inlay

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