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From their software flyer "A range of programs written almost entirely in ACE Forth, at low cost and all list-able. The aim is to enable you to enjoy writing your own programs; while you are requested to observe copyrights, and not sell any of the programs bought etc., you are encouraged to understand and use any parts of them you find interesting or useful"

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Tape inlays A - D

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Tape inlays E - G

Tape A:-
Elusive Recluse
A 16.5k adventure game set in novel surroundings ( goblins are dull! ). Understands e.g. " I will put on the gorilla suit." (?)
Need I say more ? - survive the cosmostellar mines and death tunnels in this all-action real time game. with Hi score. Learn to hate the ACE keyboard.
Acesnake Your mission; save the world from a NAMELESS HORROR!!! (what else!) You are piloting an ACESNAKE interceptor and you must survive for as long as possible. Avoid hitting any cosmosteller mines. Escape from a tunnel by ramming 5 neutronium podules. Don't hit any walls!
Tape B:-
Titan Defender
16.5k of high speed blast-em action in this game which features an impressive windowing technique to give a 'space surround' effect. br all budding Luke Skywa lkers.
Dual Duel A game allowing you to battle with the computer or a friend to the death. The latter option is cosy, but explosive 2.
Tape C:-
User-defined graphics become a dream with this utility. Cursor control, set from memory, mosaic grid + much more enables you to get that alien just right.
Scribe 2 ." becomes a thing of the past with this text/data editor/filer. Ideal for QUICKLY writing letters to other ACE users, your own memos, designing menus etc. 'Take a letter...'
Tape D
Turtle 2
This graphic design package allows you to quickly and easily produce pictures, title pages etc. on the ACE screen. Works with PLOT or its own 'Hi-res effect' graphics. Mix graphics and text ( Scribe 2 is recommended ). SAVE and LOAD designs separately, add them to your programs to give them a nice finish, or use the 'Hi-res effect' graphics on their own.
Hi A short program enabling you to draw single line graphs on the ACE screen with a resolution of 256x192.
Tape E
Z80 machine code diss assembler. Gives standard Zilog mnemonic listing of any area of memory. Foolproof. ( Having said this, don't forget that both ROM and especially RAM contain FORTH, not machine code)

- a SIMple MONitor ( geddit ?) to check or change bytes. Quick to use.
ASM A compact TIL assembler. N.B !!! This does NOT use standard Zilog mnemonics. Unless you need a small assembler, ASM2 is to be greatly preferred. Fully documented.
Tape F
THIS IS THE ONE ! An advanced COMBINED Monitor;- read, alter and search for bytes. Disassembler:- converts bytes in memory into Zilog mnemonics. DUAL WINDOWS allow SIMULTANEOUS combined or independant operation of each.
ASM2 a FULL FEATURE assembler using standard Zilog mnemonics: -
Two-pass compiler for automatic calculation of offsets, labels, loops etc.
Mnemonics are stored, and can be LISTed, EDITed REDEFINEd and so on.
Assembler can provide a full listing of your code, with or without comments.
Comprehensive error messages ( in English !). Places code in a FORTH word; the entire assembler may then be removed from memory just leaving this.
Fully documented, with a minimum of syntax. As easy to use as FORTH, in fact
Tape G
10k of almost pure machine-code produces a game strictly for the arcade fanatic. Superb graphics and breathtaking speed are brought together in this novel space-invaders spin-off. Ear-shattering sound effects are available from the ACE Mic socket. The program also supports the Boldfield Soundbox.
Life The classic model of dividing cells in a hostile world. Will your colony survive ?
Tape H
An elegant, 100% FORTH implementation of the arcade game. Avoid the walls, eat the cute little white mice and your tail grows longer Hall of Fame scoreboard : If you beat the present Hi-score, let me know, and your name and score will go out in any copies of snake sold subsequently. Fame awaits you!
Superbat + a small game and some very useful routines: - Superbat. Squash with a difference. 1 or 2 players.

- Score. The 'Hall of Fame' in Snake. Add this to your games to give them a professional finish.

- Ed. A version of edit which means you'll never have to type REDEFINE again!

+ Vli. A version of VLIST that only lists the words you've defined.

- Ss. A word allowing single-stepping through Forth words (NB which don't contain IF DO BEGIN etc.).

- N. A word which lists all the words which contain a word ie. N DUP lists all the words which contain the word DUP.
All titles are granted permission to be download form this site by Stuart Leask