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Elusive Recluse

Full title Elusive Recluse
Year of release 1984
Publisher Stusoft
Producer / Author(s) S. Leask
Memory 16k
Type Game
Cost : £3.00
Download Elusive Recluse [CRC32 F1BB486F]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1


- a 16.5k adventure game set in novel surroundings ( goblins are dull! ). Understands e.g. " I will put on the gorilla suit." (?) Need I say more ?

- survive the cosmic stellar mines and death tunnels in this all-action real time game. with Hi score. Learn to hate the ACE keyboard.


Elusive Recluse.

The intro asks for a SINGLE key direction, so press n s e or w .

The main game analyses what you've typed in

go w

light the torch etc. (after you press Enter)

Typing in HELP will list 20 words the program understands (see image below).

Screen shots



Tape Inlay