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Full title GFX
Year of release 1985
Publisher Stusoft
Producer / Author(s) S.Leask
Memory 19k
Type Utility
Cost : £3.00
Download GFX [CRC32 69AD7D4C]
Distribution Permission Allowed | Group 1



- designing user-defined graphics becomes
a dream with this utility program. Cursor
control, set from memory, mosaic grid +
many other features. Ease of use enables
you to get that alien just right.

a) Start program using DEF.
b) Characters 1-32 are displayed along
the top of the screen
c) ASCII code 19 is used as the
charactor for defination; The right
of the screen has an 8x8 array of
ASCII 19 so that you can see repetitive
patterarns as you define the graphic.

5..8 - cursor controlls

F    - Flip bit under cursor

A    - Allows you to enter an address;
the character is then made up the 8 bytes
from that address
0    - Clears the workspace

9    - Fill as the workspace.

80 CALL - will reset ALL the graphics.

e.g. 'DEF enter

    32 enter

All spaces into white blocks

Screen shots


Tape Inlay