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Tape 11: ZX Printer Driver

Full title Tape 11: ZX Printer Driver
Year of release 1983
Publisher Remsoft
Producer / Author(s) John Wike
Memory 3K
Type Utility
Cost : £6.50
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Recent weeks have seen a rapid change in the amount of software available for Jupiter Ace owners. A number of companies have issued programs for the Forth machine.

Remsoft has nearly 20 titles available. These include the usual games packs and arcade favourites like Frogger, as well as some useful utilities.
Tape 11 is a ZX Printer Driver. It uses 305 bytes to divert characters from the screen to the printer, enabling Ace owners to print out their programs on the cheap ZX printer.
The current version requires a simple Ace/ZX adaptor, but a program which requires no hardware at all is promised soon.
Program ZX Printer Driver
Price £5.50
Micro Jupiter Ace
Supplier Remsoft
Remsoft Computer
        18 George Street
        Brighton, BN2 1RH

From Popular Computing Weekly 23-29 June 1983.
New Releases Column page 46.