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REMSoft was the software part of the Jupiter Ace Users Club founded by John L. Noyce in late 1982. Operating from an office in Brighton the Users club gave support to Jupiter Ace users with a three times a year A5 magazine Ace User. After a short while to wide their appeal to other forth users the magazine was renamed to Forth User. Remsoft was run by Doug Bollen at first, but in Ace User issue 3 it was announced that Doug was leaving to work on his technical writing and hardware projects, so running REMSoft was now down to John Noyce.
REMsoft was keen to take software written by Ace users and sell it under the REMSoft label. The main REMSoft catalogue was advertised in the in Ace User issue 3 listing 24 tapes. Its not known what the sales of REMSoft titles were, but adverts were placed in other computer magazines at the time including Your Computer magazine. When Ace User changed to Forth User a number of tapes were stopped being produced for a number of reasons, lack of sales, other tapes with similar features and difficulty in tape reproduction quality.
Software writers
  • Garry Knight
  • Doug Bollen
  • Simon Cross
  • John Wike
  • Gareth Richards
  • Ian Briscoe
  • Re Liddiard
  • Gr Yorke
  • M Finley
  • A Cranston
  • Alan Watson
  • Keith Ward
  • P J Smith
  • Lex Van Sonderen
Where are they now?
REMsoft was reabsorbed into the user group by John Noyce before the user group stopped running.