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Full title TAPE 5: FROGGER
Year of release 1984
Publisher Remsoft
Producer / Author(s) Garry Knight
Memory 19k
Type Game
Cost : £5.50
Download Frogger [CRC32 checksum B1042125]
Distribution Permission Allowed |


To load game type;

load frogger frogger

The aim of the game is to hop you frog across a busy main road to the safe centre island using ;

the 1 key to move left
the 0 key to move right
the 9 key to hop forward 1 space

From the island you must hop from log to log using the 9 key to jump 2 spaces forward.

You get 10 pionts for each jump forward, 100 points for each frog that reaches home, and an extra 100 points and one extra life for getting four frogs home.

You start with 3 lives.

You lose a life if you:-
a) get run over by a car
b) fall into the water
c) land on the sippery end of a log d) fail to get your frog home on the first attempt at crossing the river.

If you are on a log when it leaves the screen the frog will be dead on arrival at the frog home. The game will speed up as your points increase.

Screen shots

image   image

image   image


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