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7 April
Thanks to Paul Downham ( of Boldfield Computing 1982-2006 ) for this rare copy of "The London Computer Fair" flyer. Boldfield computing were selling the Ace there for £35+VAT (£40.25)
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4 April
Sanyo DM 2112 monitor was sold by Boldfield Computing for use with the Ace.
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3 April
EME Sound box interface page added. The archive team wish to thank the Jupiter Ace collector who send us these few images of the EME sound box. If you have any other images of this Ace interface, both sides of the PCB, then please take the time to send the images so we can add them to this page.
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2 April
Jupiter Cantab 4 page software price list, [page 1] [page 2]
[page 3] [page 4], listing the first Ace software titles and details of the RAM pack cost.
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